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Holiday Memories

Here are the current times the Holiday Memories Television Special will air on networks in your area.


RFD-TV (Direct TV) Available to 41+million USA homes
Dec. 2 at 6pm EST

Dec. 23 - Sunday 2:30pm EST

Dec. 30 - Sunday 2:30pm EST

Rural TV(Dish TV ) Available to 28+million USA homes
Dec.24 at 8pm EST

Family Net (ABC)
Dec. 10 at 7pm and 11pm EST

Additional Local Networks

WUOA Channel 6 at the University of Alabama
Dec. 9 at 2pm

Red Bay, AL & Tupelo, MS
Dec.12-16 at 7am and 4pm CT
Dec 12-17 at 7pm CT
Dec 12-18 at 6am and 7pm CT
Dec 12-20 at 5pm CT
Dec 12-21 at 7am CT
Dec 12-23 at 7am CT
Dec 12-24 at 7am CT

TV 55 (Hamilton, Phil Campbell, Winfield, Guin, AL)
Dec 11, 18, 24 at 7 pm CT

WUOA TV6 on Charter Cable (Tuscaloosa, AL, Birmingham, AL)
Dec 9 at 2pm CT
Dec 22 at 12:30pm CT

ACN(Alabama Cable Network alabama, Birmingham,Decatur,
Huntsville, AL and parts of Georgia…TV 80 on Charter cable)

December 12 and 19th - at 8 pm
Dec 16 - 1pm
Dec 23 -1 pm
Dec 25 (Christmas Day) at 5pm

Internet Show Airings
Watch the Holiday Memories Show Now on EdieHand.com